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Thinkbox embarked on a transformative journey with Oola, focusing on modernizing their e-commerce platform to enhance user experiences, streamline shopping cart processes, and improve overall customer satisfaction. This collaboration aimed to address challenges and bring innovation to the forefront of Oola's online presence.


Oola faced intricate challenges in their existing e-commerce system, including complex logic in multiple sign-up flows, variations in checkout processes based on user types, different pricing requirements, and adapting business logic to accommodate the company’s growth.

Solution: In response to Oola’s challenges, Thinkbox applied innovative solutions to simplify checkout flows, ensuring a seamless and frustration-free experience for users.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Recognizing the significance of a user-friendly interface, Thinkbox collaborated closely with Oola, leveraging designers to create an intuitive platform. 
  • Simplifying Complex Logic: To address intricate business logic, Thinkbox employed strategies to make complex processes invisible to end-users, ensuring a smooth and uncomplicated journey through Oola’s e-commerce platform.


Item No. 01

Requirements Gathering

Clear requirements were established to tackle unexpected issues or bugs, setting the stage for a well-defined and successful implementation.

Item No. 02

Design & Mockup

Regular meetings were held to review mock-ups, iterate on designs, and implement changes based on technical restrictions and user feedback. This iterative process allowed for refining expectations and covering all edge cases.

Item No. 03

Address Pricing Challenges

Challenges during implementation included ensuring consistent pricing based on user context and adapting existing logic from previous application versions. Thinkbox navigated these challenges to guarantee pricing accuracy and user satisfaction.

Item No. 04


Extensive testing and QA processes implemented prior to launch to ensure product was working properly.

Tech Stack

The back-end logic, developed in C# .Net on an MVC application, guarantees compatibility with existing systems and enables seamless integration.
The front-end design leveraged JavaScript Bootstrap, providing a responsive and visually appealing layout that enhanced the overall user experience.
Thinkbox made strategic use of Microsoft SQL and other services to bolster the technology stack, ensuring reliability, security, and scalability.

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The Results: Transforming Oola’s E-commerce Landscape

Thinkbox’s collaboration with Oola resulted in an updated e-commerce platform, significantly impacting user satisfaction, streamlining processes, and setting new standards for online shopping experiences.

Key Takeaways

Streamlined Checkout Flows

Thinkbox's dedication to simplifying checkout processes eliminated user frustrations, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

User-Centric Interface

The collaborative effort with Oola's designers produced a user-friendly interface inspired by successful e-commerce sites, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Successful Iterative Process

The iterative approach in design and implementation allowed Thinkbox to address challenges, define expectations, and cover all edge cases for a robust e-commerce solution.

Strategic Technology Stack

The carefully chosen technology stack, including MVC in C# .Net and JavaScript Bootstrap, showcased Thinkbox's commitment to compatibility, responsiveness, and scalability.

Conclusion: Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead

This case study celebrates the successful collaboration between Thinkbox and Oola in transforming the e-commerce landscape. The positive impact on Oola's business is evident, setting new benchmarks in user satisfaction and online shopping experiences.
Thinkbox expresses gratitude to Oola for the opportunity to contribute to this transformative journey. The partnership has not only achieved remarkable milestones but also set the stage for continued innovation and excellence in the world of e-commerce.
Thank you, Oola, for choosing Thinkbox. Here's to a brighter, more connected, and user-friendly e-commerce future.

Let’s work together.