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Brain Hack Cafe, an innovative platform aimed at enhancing mental acuity through curated products, faced significant hurdles in optimizing their user experience and enrollment process. The primary objective was to streamline the enrollment flow to make it more user-friendly and integrate marketing materials to enhance user understanding of the products and services offered. The project also aimed to improve the site's mobile responsiveness and overall design coherence. At the heart of Brain Hack Cafe's operations is the Exigo platform.


The project encountered two main challenges: refining the enrollment process and enhancing the site’s design and mobile responsiveness. The enrollment process required a dynamic kitting feature that was complex to implement due to its need for high configurability and user interaction. Additionally, the inherited codebase from a previous team added complexity to the project, requiring careful integration and management of new and existing code.

Solution: Think Box implemented a multifaceted approach.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Collaborating closely with Brain Hack Cafe, Think Box leveraged expert designers to overhaul the user interface, ensuring an intuitive and engaging user experience.
  • Simplifying Complex Logic: By simplifying the enrollment flow, Think Box eliminated user pain points, making it straightforward for users to sign up and understand the offerings.


Item No. 01

Requirements Gathering

Engaging in thorough communication with Brain Hack Cafe, Think Box established clear requirements, aligning the technical solutions with Brain Hack Cafe’s business objectives.

Item No. 02

Design & Mockup

Iterative design processes were employed, with Think Box working hand-in-hand with Brain Hack Cafe to refine the platform’s look and feel, ensuring it met user expectations and adhered to modern design principles.

Item No. 03

Testing & Quality Assurance

A rigorous testing phase was integral to the project, ensuring that every aspect of the site, from the enrollment flow to mobile responsiveness, functioned flawlessly.

Item No. 04

Client Collaboration

Ongoing collaboration and communication with Brain Hack Cafe were pivotal, with Think Box providing continuous support and expertise to bring the vision to fruition.

Tech Stack

Ensuring backend robustness and compatibility with existing systems.
Facilitating a responsive and modern front-end design.
Providing reliable database management and services integration.

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The Results: Elevating Brain Hack Cafe’s Online Presence

The collaboration between Think Box and Brain Hack Cafe led to a significant transformation in the online platform, markedly improving the user experience and streamlining the enrollment process. This partnership set new standards in user engagement and platform efficiency.

Key Takeaways

Enhanced Enrollment Flow

The revamped enrollment process has become a hallmark of the platform, offering users a clear and straightforward path to engagement.

Modernized User Interface

The new design not only resonates with users but also aligns with current web standards, providing a fresh and appealing aesthetic.

Strategic Technology Implementation

The chosen tech stack played a crucial role in achieving a seamless integration and responsive design, ensuring the platform's long-term scalability and adaptability.

Conclusion: A Partnership Driving Innovation

The Brain Hack Cafe project illustrates the importance of client collaboration, adaptive problem-solving, and technical agility in digital transformation projects. By focusing on user experience and leveraging a robust tech stack, the project team was able to overcome initial challenges and deliver a solution that not only met but exceeded client expectations. Brain Hack Cafe's continued partnership with Thinkbox and Exigo promises to bring even more innovative features and enhancements.

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