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Our Partners

Teqnavi was started by technology professionals with over 20 years of experience in enterprise technology solutions for the Direct Selling industry. They are your advocate and will act as your virtual IT department providing support during your implementation and launch phases of your software engagement.

The Sheffield Group is a leading direct-selling consulting firm that provides innovative and effective solutions to help companies in the direct-selling industry succeed. Their website serves as a hub of information and resources for direct selling professionals, featuring a wealth of valuable content on topics ranging from sales and marketing to compensation plans and legal compliance.

MLM-CC’s expert team will help you to determine the best compensation plan design to meet your desired behavior and compensation strategy. MLM-CC will work with your product, margins, culture, sales and marketing strategy to design your plan.

Hanna Shea Executive Search is a leading recruitment agency that specializes in MLM recruitment for startups and companies of all sizes and stages. Their team of experts is dedicated to helping clients find top talent to drive organizational growth, expand into new markets, and explore new career opportunities.


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