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Think Box embarked on a transformative journey with Exigo and Seint Beauty, focusing on crafting customized solutions for direct selling success. This collaboration aimed to empower direct selling organizations, leveraging Exigo's powerful platform to drive innovation and growth in the industry.


Think Box faced intricate challenges in developing customizations and integrations for direct selling clients such as Seint Beauty on the Exigo platform. These challenges included adapting to the complexities of Exigo’s API and database, translating technical requirements into actionable business strategies, and ensuring flexibility and scalability to meet diverse client needs.

In response to these challenges, Think Box applied a flexible and adaptable approach to developing custom solutions on the Exigo platform. Leveraging Exigo’s comprehensive API and database, Think Box bridged the gap between technology and business, providing clients with tailored web development and addressing complex tasks with ease.


Item No. 01

Requirements Gathering

Clear requirements were established through thorough communication with clients, ensuring alignment between technical capabilities and business objectives.

Item No. 02

Design & Mockup

Think Box worked closely with clients to design and develop custom solutions, iterating on designs and incorporating feedback to ensure the final product met client expectations.

Item No. 03

Testing & Quality Assurance

Extensive testing and quality assurance processes were implemented to ensure the reliability and functionality of custom solutions prior to deployment.

Item No. 04

Client Collaboration

Think Box maintained open communication and collaboration with clients throughout the development process, providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure success.

Tech Stack

The back-end logic, developed in C# .Net on an MVC application, guarantees compatibility with existing systems and enables seamless integration.
The front-end design leveraged JavaScript Bootstrap, providing a responsive and visually appealing layout that enhanced the overall user experience.
Thinkbox made strategic use of Microsoft SQL and other services to bolster the technology stack, ensuring reliability, security, and scalability.

About ThinkboxHQ

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The Results: Creating New Systems for Seint Beauty

Think Box’s collaboration with Exigo resulted in transformative solutions that empowered direct selling organizations to thrive in a competitive market. By leveraging Exigo’s platform and Think Box’s expertise, clients experienced improved efficiency, flexibility, and scalability, setting new benchmarks for success in the industry.

Key Takeaways

New Palette Builder Tool

Thinkbox built a unique web tool that allows customers to visually select their makeup as well as the palette that holds their makeup. This resulted in increased cross-selling and upselling.

Increased Speed and Website Uptime

Think Box's dedication to simplifying the DevOps environment led to significantly increased uptime, website speed, and resulted in fewer cart abandonments by the client.

User-Centric Interface

The collaborative effort with Seint Beauty’s distributors produced a user-friendly interface inspired by successful e-commerce sites, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Successful Iterative Process

The iterative approach in design and implementation allowed Think Box to address challenges, define expectations, and cover all edge cases for a robust e-commerce solution.

Conclusion: Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead

This success story celebrates the partnership between Think Box, Seint Beauty and Exigo in driving innovation and growth in the direct selling industry. Through their collaborative efforts, Think Box and Exigo have demonstrated the transformative power of technology in empowering businesses to achieve their goals. Looking ahead, Think Box remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive success for their clients on the Exigo platform.
Thinkbox expresses gratitude to Oola for the opportunity to contribute to this transformative journey. The partnership has not only achieved remarkable milestones but also set the stage for continued innovation and excellence in the world of e-commerce.
Thank you, Seint, for choosing Thinkbox. Here's to a brighter, more connected, and user-friendly e-commerce future.

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