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Discover our innovative solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency, elevate customer experience, and strengthen connections with distributors and clients. Our skilled developers at Think Box have crafted solutions to simplify your professional life.

Enhance Efficiency in Business, Technology, and Operations

Web Development

Mobile Application

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Web Development

Elevate your digital footprint through Thinkbox, your web development specialists. Leveraging partnerships with leading back-office CRM providers, we deliver bespoke web solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Our expertise spans a range of CRMs, including Salesforce, Shopify, Exigo, Direct Scale, ByDesign, and Flight, ensuring comprehensive support for your web development needs.

Mobile Application Development

Elevate your digital engagement with the Thinkbox Mobile App template, designed to augment sales, enhance brand visibility, and streamline marketing efforts. Our application features gamified learning, instantaneous notifications, and simplified access to back-office functionalities. Distributors gain a comprehensive understanding of the organization, including sample and referral initiatives, with insights amplified through reward-based brand education. Custom follow-ups and analytical tools further refine user interaction, while customers benefit from unimpeded access

Dashboard Insights

We’ve identified a common challenge: the inadequacy of data or the complexity of systems provided by software vendors. Our experience, burdened by the overreliance on spreadsheets, underscored the necessity for streamlined data solutions. Our bespoke dashboards are designed to dispel uncertainties surrounding key performance indicators (KPIs) crucial to your business. This suite of dashboards not only enhances operational efficiency but also transforms data navigation into an insightful exploration.

AI Integrations

Our AI integration services are designed to refine your data management, enhance customer interaction, and streamline operational workflows. With a commitment to flexibility, we enable you to select AI applications that align precisely with your organizational needs. Integrating these applications into your existing CRM systems, we provide comprehensive access to AI-powered customer service chatbots, advanced data reporting, anomaly detection, and personalized recommendation engines. Discover the seamless integration of AI into your technological ecosystem, ensuring robust security and efficiency.

Resources & Training

Ensuring that your distributors have easy access to readily available resources can have a profound impact on your business. One of the most compelling aspects of sharing resources from a dedicated library is the ability to track their usage. Picture this: you share an opportunity video, and you can instantly access analytics that reveal whether the prospect opened the video, how long they engaged with it, and more. Similarly, when you send out the compensation plan, you can monitor whether recipients opened and reviewed it.

In addition to the resource library functionality, we’ve introduced a gamified training system for your distributors. This training not only educates them about your company and how to utilize the tracking tool effectively but also imparts best industry practices. It’s a dynamic approach to learning that keeps your team engaged and empowered to excel.

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