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Think Box embarked on an ambitious project with a large online retailer, an innovator in the e-commerce space with annual revenues exceeding $600 million. This collaboration aimed to harness the power of mobile app notifications to enhance user engagement, streamline communication, and achieve substantial cost savings. The focus was on implementing an effective notification system within the retailer's mobile app to drive user interaction and avoid the higher costs associated with traditional SMS messaging.


The client faced a dual challenge. Firstly, the need to maintain consistent and effective communication with their vast distributor base was paramount. Traditional methods like SMS were not only costly, but also offered less tracking. Secondly, the retailer sought to increase user engagement through their mobile app without incurring significant additional costs. Balancing cost-efficiency with effective communication required a strategic approach to leveraging technology.

Solution: Think Box crafted a tailored solution that addressed the client’s challenges head-on. The strategy centered around the deployment of a sophisticated notification system within the mobile app, designed to engage users with timely and relevant information. This approach offered several key advantages:

  • Cost Efficiency: By sending over 1,200,000+ notifications over six months, the retailer avoided the costs associated with SMS services, which could have exceeded $36,000, translating to a $6,000 monthly saving.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Notifications were designed to be informative and engaging, encouraging users to interact more frequently with the app.


Item No. 01

Strategic Development

Think Box began with an in-depth analysis of the retailer’s communication needs and user behavior patterns. This phase was crucial for tailoring the notification content and timing to match user expectations and maximize engagement.

Item No. 02

Technical Implementation

The technical team at Think Box developed a robust infrastructure to support the high volume of notifications, ensuring reliability and speed. The system was designed to be scalable, accommodating the retailer’s rapid growth.

Item No. 03

User Experience Design

A key focus was on crafting notifications that were not only timely but also visually appealing and engaging. This required close collaboration with the retailer’s design team to ensure consistency with the brand’s aesthetic.

Item No. 04

Testing & Optimization

Before the full rollout, Think Box conducted extensive testing to fine-tune notification content, frequency, and delivery times. This phase was critical for ensuring the effectiveness of the notification strategy.

Tech Stack

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The Results: Thousands of Dollars Saved

The implementation of the mobile app notification system marked a significant transformation in the client’s engagement strategy. The retailer saw a marked increase in app usage and engagement, with notifications driving users to explore new products, take advantage of promotions, and interact with the brand more deeply. The cost savings achieved by avoiding SMS fees further underscored the financial viability of this approach.

Key Takeaways

Strategic Use of Notifications

Client's experience highlights the effectiveness of notifications in engaging users and driving app interaction.

Cost Savings

The shift from SMS to in-app notifications resulted in significant cost savings, demonstrating the financial benefits of leveraging app-based communication.

User Engagement

Engaging users through timely and relevant notifications contributed to increased app retention and user satisfaction.

Conclusion: Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead

The large Online Retailer's partnership with Think Box led to a groundbreaking shift in its communication strategy, leveraging mobile app notifications to enhance user engagement while achieving significant cost savings. This case study illustrates the power of strategic digital solutions in addressing business challenges and driving growth in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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