In a collaborative effort with Jump to Health, a wellness company specializing in weight loss and health products, Think Box undertook a transformative project with the goal of optimizing the impact of the company’s customer challenges. The primary objective was to motivate users to actively engage in the 30-day weight loss challenges. In order to elevate user participation and interaction, Think Box designed and implemented a tailored application. This innovative solution enables users to seamlessly upload their before and after photos from the challenge period, fostering a dynamic and rewarding experience for each participant.

The collaboration with Jump to Health involved a thoughtful approach to branding and customization. Beyond the basic before and after pictures, Think Box collaborated with the client to incorporate custom frames and borders around the photos. This not only allowed for seamless branding integration but also provided users with the ability to toggle through different frames and borders, personalizing their transformation journey. Additionally, the application featured spots for users to input their before and after weights, adding a comprehensive touch to the transformation documentation.

While developing the solution, the main challenge centered around creating diverse borders and frames to accommodate the before and after pictures effectively. Once this hurdle was overcome, Think Box successfully delivered a user-friendly application that met the client’s vision and objectives. The Jump to Health Before and After application now stands as a testament to Think Box’s ability to collaborate, innovate, and create tailored solutions that elevate user experiences.