Think Box worked with Yoli in transferring their system over to the new Think Box app platform while integrating their Exigo CRM. This was to make quite a significant difference to the Yoli platform and offer full back-office capabilities, allowing them to provide their distributors with a fully integrated solution for both enrollment and shopping, including full integration into their Exigo content management system.

The idea was to empower Yoli with a user-friendly mobile app platform for robust content management for the calendar and library of resources. This was achieved with the synchronization of content on the Yoli website and Think Box mobile app, thus offering an integrated digital platform.

The project included deep technical integrations, packaged for Yoli’s four different kinds of users; this resulted in applications that could adjust functionalities to the profile of the user. Working in very close collaboration with the Yoli marketing team, Think Box labored to make sure the app’s branding perfectly fell in line with Yoli Corporate Identity, presenting a unified look and feel that would resonate with Yoli’s Brand values.

This is an example of some strategic planning coupled with technological expertise, which has taken the functionality of the platform and user involvement to a different level. It is this concerted effort that Yoli brings and is able to offer a more holistic, coherent experience to the distributors who are getting impacted in their lives and well-being by their innovative steps within the digital transformation process.