Color Street sought a tailored solution to enhance their calendar effectiveness. Initially, the corporate team used the calendar for events, but the challenge was to allow distributors to add their own events based on specific data points. The pivotal objective was to automatically create events on distributors’ calendars and trigger reminders, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience. Our collaboration involved working closely with Color Street’s IT team and leveraging our developers’ expertise in Exigo’s backend. The result was a sophisticated system that created calendar events and sent reminder notifications based on specific data triggers. For instance, if a customer placed an order, the system set a reminder for the distributor to follow up after seven days, ensuring a personalized and attentive customer experience.

The development process faced challenges in determining the types of reminders to avoid overwhelming distributors. Striking a balance, we carefully selected reminders beneficial to users without causing information overload. To ensure a user-friendly interface, we implemented a modification feature, allowing distributors to adjust received reminders and update both their calendar and future notifications accordingly.

Think Box’s innovative solution not only met Color Street’s specific requirements but also provided a flexible and adaptable platform for distributors. The revamped calendar functionality empowered distributors to manage events and reminders effortlessly, contributing to an enriched customer engagement process.

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