Collaborating with Bravenly, Think Box undertook a transformative project aimed at building a resource library with content sharing capabilities. The primary objective was to empower users with valuable insights into the engagement of shared content. Bravenly sought a comprehensive solution that would track the effectiveness of shared content, providing data on interactions such as video views, image clicks, and PowerPoint presentation exploration. The collaboration began with a joint effort to redesign the resource library interface, aligning it with their specific layout and format requirements. 

Think Box worked closely with Bravenly to implement a tracking mechanism for each piece of shared content. This involved utilizing analytics to meticulously monitor thousands of users sharing diverse content with prospects. The solution included real-time notifications to users, offering detailed insights into how prospects interacted with the shared content.

The project’s central challenge revolved around efficiently tracking numerous pieces of content across a vast user base. Think Box successfully overcame this challenge by integrating Google Analytics, ensuring the seamless flow of data to users. The importance of creating a user-friendly interface was underscored by the need to avoid overwhelming users with notifications. Think Box addressed this by designing a simplified notification system, allowing users to filter and manage notifications easily, enabling quick and informed interactions with prospects.

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