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Think Box undertook a transformative project with Pink Zebra, focusing on integrating their e-commerce platform with BigCommerce to enhance user experiences, streamline business processes, and facilitate organizational growth. This collaboration aimed to address challenges with integrating BigCommerce and bringing innovation to Pink Zebra's online shopping experience.


Pink Zebra faced complex challenges in integrating their legacy CRM system with BigCommerce, particularly in maintaining unique user identifiers and ensuring seamless data transition. The need to accommodate legacy data while leveraging BigCommerce’s new identifiers presented a significant challenge.

Solution: Think Box applied a flexible and adaptable approach to address Pink Zebra’s challenges. By collaborating closely with Pink Zebra’s team, Think Box developed a solution that maintained legacy user identifiers for seamless login while integrating with BigCommerce’s new system for data management and e-commerce functionalities.

  • The importance of a user-friendly interface was emphasized throughout the project. Think Box worked closely with Pink Zebra’s design team to ensure that the mobile application provided an intuitive and engaging experience for users, facilitating easy navigation and interaction.
  • To address Pink Zebra’s complex integration requirements, Think Box implemented innovative solutions aimed at seamlessly integrating their legacy CRM system with BigCommerce. By leveraging custom APIs and data migration scripts, Think Box ensured a smooth transition of user data and order history while maintaining operational continuity.


Item No. 01

Requirements Gathering

To ensure a smooth implementation process, Think Box conducted thorough requirements gathering sessions with Pink Zebra’s team. Clear and comprehensive requirements were documented, covering all aspects of the integration project. This meticulous approach helped identify potential challenges early on and set the stage for a well-defined implementation strategy. By addressing any unexpected issues or bugs upfront, Think Box ensured a streamlined and successful implementation process.

Item No. 02

Design & Mockup

Regular meetings were scheduled with Pink Zebra’s design team to review mock-ups and design concepts. Through collaborative discussions and feedback sessions, designs were iterated upon to align with Pink Zebra’s branding guidelines and user preferences. Technical restrictions were carefully considered during the design phase, ensuring that the final product would meet both functional and aesthetic requirements. This iterative process allowed for the refinement of expectations and the incorporation of feedback, ultimately covering all edge cases and delivering a design that met Pink Zebra’s expectations.

Item No. 03

BigCommerce Integration

A key aspect of the implementation process was integrating Pink Zebra’s legacy CRM system with BigCommerce. Think Box navigated the challenges involved in this integration, ensuring that data from the legacy system seamlessly flowed into BigCommerce. This required developing custom APIs and data migration scripts to transfer user information, order history, and other relevant data. By adapting existing logic from the previous CRM system and aligning it with BigCommerce’s framework, Think Box ensured a smooth transition for Pink Zebra’s operations.

Item No. 04

Testing & Quality Assurance

Extensive testing and quality assurance processes were implemented throughout the implementation phase. Think Box conducted rigorous testing of the integrated system to identify and address any potential issues or bugs. This included functionality testing, user acceptance testing, and performance testing to ensure that the product met Pink Zebra’s requirements and performance standards. By prioritizing thorough testing, Think Box ensured that the integrated solution was robust, reliable, and ready for deployment.

Tech Stack

Utilizes 80 technology products and services, including HTML5, jQuery, and Google Analytics, to power its robust e-commerce platform.
Selected as our cross-platform framework, React Native enables the efficient development of high-quality mobile applications for Pink Zebra.
These languages serve as the cornerstone for developing Pink Zebra’s dynamic and responsive web applications, ensuring scalability and ease of maintenance.
Ruby On Rails and PHP Laravel: These frameworks provide the backbone for Pink Zebra’s backend development, offering efficient and powerful tools for building secure and scalable web applications.

About ThinkboxHQ

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The Results: Revolutionizing Pink Zebra’s E-commerce Presence

Think Box’s partnership with Pink Zebra led to a transformation in their e-commerce landscape. Through seamless integration of their legacy CRM system with BigCommerce, Pink Zebra experienced a significant enhancement in user satisfaction, marked by streamlined processes and elevated online shopping experiences.

Key Takeaways

Addressing Pricing Challenges

One of the critical challenges encountered was ensuring consistent pricing across the platform. Think Box navigated this challenge by implementing robust pricing algorithms and integrations, ensuring accuracy and transparency in pricing for Pink Zebra's products.

Key Steps in Implementation

The implementation process involved thorough requirements gathering, design iterations, and technological integrations. Think Box collaborated with Pink Zebra's development team to implement design specifications and integrate legacy CRM data with BigCommerce seamlessly.

Notable Successes

A notable success during the implementation phase was the successful launch of the mobile application to selected leaders through the test flight program. This allowed Think Box to gather valuable feedback from actual users, refine the application, and ensure a smooth rollout to the entire user base.

Streamlined Data Migration

Think Box successfully navigated the challenge of migrating user data and order history from Pink Zebra's legacy CRM system to BigCommerce, ensuring a seamless transition without any loss of critical information.

Conclusion: Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead

The collaboration between Think Box and Pink Zebra resulted in a successful integration of their e-commerce platform with BigCommerce, overcoming challenges and achieving organizational objectives. The project's success underscores the importance of strategic collaboration and innovative solutions in driving digital transformation and business growth. Think Box expresses gratitude to Pink Zebra for the opportunity to contribute to this transformative journey and looks forward to continued partnership and success.

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