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Tailored to streamline your daily operations, amplify customer service productivity, and foster seamless connections with distributors and customers. The Think Box team has talented developers who have just made your life a whole lot easier.

Simplifying Your Business Operations

Executive Dashboards

Uniquely tailored and constructed using the data accessible from the back office provider. These dashboards commonly encompass metrics such as volumes, genealogy, team performance, customer orders, and personal orders. However, these elements can be customized to showcase the specific information that resonates with your field’s preferences and needs.

AI Chatbot


A customer service AI-powered Chatbot designed to assist with customer service inquiries. This intelligent bot can respond to queries, monitor orders, manage tasks like canceling or rescheduling automatic shipments, and much more! Easily integrated with your help desk.

Mobile Applications

The mobile app revolutionizes sales and marketing with gamified training, notifications, and back-office access. Distributors explore quizzes, sample programs, and gain insights, while brand training is reinforced with rewards & badges. Custom follow-ups and analytics refine engagement. The customer apps grant easy access to orders, shopping, product info, referrals, and auto-ship management.

More About Our Services

Executive Dashboards

With extensive experience in social selling, network marketing, and direct sales, our team recognized a recurring issue: the information provided by software providers was often insufficient, or the systems were complex. The accumulation of spreadsheets while being executives ourselves was overwhelming, even though all necessary data existed within custom dashboards. Gone are the days of uncertainty about your distributors’ ranks or struggling to answer queries about popular auto-ship products. Our diverse range of dashboards enhances business efficiency and navigating through this data is a genuinely exciting experience.

AI Chatbot

Tailored to streamline your customer service and operational processes. With our AI Chatbot, you have the flexibility to personalize its name, aligning it seamlessly with your brand identity. It engages customers and distributors in natural conversations, efficiently uncovering their needs without requiring them to log into their account or back office. It can assist in various tasks, from canceling orders and autoships to providing real-time tracking information.

Unlock the potential of this feature and witness how it can simplify your operations and elevate your customer service. Discover what our AI Chatbot can do for you and your company today.

Mobile Applications

A mobile app helps increase sales, brand awareness, and marketing. The Krato Mobile App template offers gamified training, real-time notifications, and easy back-office access. Distributors can explore and learn about the company, sample and referral programs, and gain insights. The brand training is reinforced through rewards and badges. Custom follow-ups and analytics refine engagement. Plus, customers enjoy seamless access to orders, shopping, product info, referrals, and auto-ship management. Schedule an introduction call today.

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