Think Box developed a customized mobile application aimed at streamlining the product sampling process for Theorem. This innovative solution enables the company’s MLM distributors and direct sellers to efficiently send product samples to prospects in an elegant manner. Additionally, it adds value by integrating seamlessly with Theorem’s CRM provider, Multisoft.

The primary objective was to create a user-friendly system that, on one hand, mirrored the aesthetics of Theorem’s website, and on the other, streamlined the sample product purchasing process for customers. Think Box developed a custom sample page within the app’s admin panel, where comprehensive product information—including details, descriptions, and pricing—could be managed. This page was constructed using their APIs to ensure it always displayed the latest offerings and was readily accessible within the mobile application.

Theorem’s marketing platform was integrated into their new sampling system to further enhance the functionality of the mobile app. Functionality that links ordered samples to Theorem’s drip marketing email system, thus automatically empowering them with timely access to details of the product, marketing materials, and attractive offers designed to convert those samples into sales.

A notable achievement of this project is that over 8,000 sample distributions were dispatched within the first 90 days of operation. This demonstrated the system’s capacity to handle a large volume of transactions and indicated a significant impact on Theorem’s marketing strategy. The project highlighted Think Box’s capability of providing client-tailored solutions that reach and exceed client expectations, tapping into tangible results alongside customer engagement.