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Here’s one of the most common questions we get asked all the time by new and seasoned direct selling companies who want to run Social Media Campaigns…

What type of content should we create to do social media right for our Direct Selling Company?

What is the type of content can create results with friction between distributors and customers?

We’ve been doing social media marketing since 2014 for Direct Selling Companies and here’s what we found:

Content You Can Build

1. Content that educates distributors about your product.

Think about that. If your distributors know more about the product on a consistent basis you are doing two positive things at the same time:

       a. You are transmitting knowledge about your product to your distributors in a consumable way. This new knowledge will allow the distributor to feel confident and to transmit the new information to a prospective customer or distributor.

       b. Your social media channel becomes a hub where your distributors can get more information about your products. This creates engagement and improves product consumption and retention.

See, sometimes a distributor cancels just because they didn’t know how to use the product or because the sponsor couldn’t convey the full value of your product. If you as a company can fill that gap, you will see a reduction in your attrition numbers.

This type of content is a foundational pillar for your social media strategy.

2. Content that helps them build their business

A video where they can see the latest promo. An image and a description of how to maximize the compensation plan. A post about how to approach people without rejection. A quick tip on how to grow their business.

When your distributors start to absorb this information, they start to talk with their new members about how the company provides guidance and support when they join their business. And guess what? Those members can see it right away, when they go and check out this new company they just heard about. Even if the prospect hasn’t joined, those posts help the prospective future members to feel good about joining your company when they’re ready.

3. Shareable content that makes them smarter

This content is not easy to produce but when done correctly, you will be making a big impact.

The 7 ingredients you should be eating before noon.

How a 5-minute walk can help you become smarter.

Using a home-based business to get a new vacation every six months.

Don’t drink water, drink this every morning.

Obviously you don’t want to make stuff up, what you want is to present your product or service in an interesting way. People will feel good about sharing it having benefited from the expertise you shared.

What Not Do with Social Media For Direct Selling Companies

We’ve shared with you three types of content you should share in Social Media as a Direct Selling Company.

Now here are two types of content you want to avoid at all costs:

-Avoid content that positions your company as a threat to your distributors.

How can you be a threat to your distributors?

Well, let’s say you constantly put out your website asking people to join your company. What’s wrong with that?

Your distributor won’t share any other content from your page with their friends because they might think that you as company will sign up their friends instead of her.

Your content should be seen as an ally, not as a weapon against them.

-Avoid content that polarizes people 

We’ve seen this with a few companies that take a negative angel with content such as, why having a job is a bad thing, how they should quit their bosses and join their company and people who decline their invitation will regret it later, etc.

Direct selling is for everybody, people with jobs, people who want to build a business, people who just want to try your products, and the content should reflect those values in a positive manner.

Hopefully these tips work for you.