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Dashboards are an efficient and effective way to view quantitative data and metrics all in one place. When designing dashboards, it is vital to establish key reporting features, reports, and spreadsheets you want to view consistently in your mobile app or back office. 

Customized dashboards eliminate extra time pulling the same report repeatedly since the data is easily accessible and already being developed on the backend. Here are three valid and important reasons you may want to consider creating unique dashboards for your business. 

Understanding & Communication 

With a simplified dashboard, the data is readily available for everyone to view to understand the business trends. Dashboards that are custom to your business allow you to understand just what is going on without having to dig deep for numbers and information. You can communicate this data with the executives and be on the same page as everyone else on your team, including your sales reps, board members, etc. 

Increased Productivity & Saving Time 

Even though technology has improved drastically over the years and reports can be pulled much quicker, running numbers and input functionalities still takes time to get the KPIs or data you are looking for. With having a dashboard easily accessible, you are saving time and increasing productivity since you can be spending more time elsewhere or making improvements in your business to help increase your productivity, sales, etc. 


Having customizable dashboards allows the process to be automotive instead of someone going to calculate every single report. Allowing automation to take this role for dashboards eliminates human error when calculating essential data. Since this data is automated, this allows businesses, too, to see real-time data of what is working, what isn’t working, and what needs some attention within the organization. 

A dashboard can have various quantitative data based on the information needing to be pulled. Not every company needs the same bread-and-butter reports, so having a customizable dashboard is key to ensuring the data in the database is used effectively to pull the numbers and data needed. That said, dashboards are crucial to ensuring you run an effective and efficient business. Contact our team today to schedule a 1:1 demo for our mobile application with customizable dashboard functionality.

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