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Direct sales is a significant player In the gig economy, enabling individuals to harness their entrepreneurial spirit. However, as we step through 2024, the demand for top-notch software and apps is louder than ever. 

Finding that off-the-shelf software just doesn’t cut it anymore is a common dilemma. But here’s the silver lining: the rise of cloud-based technology has ushered in a new era where custom application development is accessible to all. These tailored solutions are not just about extending the reach of existing software and hardware; they’re about breaking new ground, offering limitless possibilities to innovate and connect through all custom development.

The Importance of Direct Sales CRM

MLM and Direct sales software is at the core of modernizing the direct selling experience, transitioning from traditional methods to a more dynamic, data-driven approach. The contrast between antiquated systems and innovative software solutions is stark. Advanced software solutions promise a seamless, integrated experience, empowering distributors to meet and exceed their objectives with greater ease and efficiency.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is like a digital notebook that keeps all the important details about your customers in one place. It’s not just about storing names and numbers; it’s about understanding each customer’s journey, their preferences, and their history with your business. This deeper insight enables companies to forge stronger, more personal connections with their customers.

When you tailor your CRM with custom tools and applications, it transforms into a powerhouse of data management, making every customer interaction more meaningful and impactful.

Review of Top Direct Sales Software for 2024

Below you will see the top MLM and Direct Sales CRM software companies. We have only listed companies we have worked with, integrated applications to their APIs, and have navigated their databases to create solutions. If you are considering a CRM software provider that you do not see on our list, you might reconsider. Reach out to us directly and we will give you free analysis and feedback. Contact us here. 

CRM providers


Exigo is not just a platform; it’s a solution that breathes efficiency into the heart of direct sales operations. Renowned for its robust commission management system, Exigo developed a strong reputation as the architect behind some of the most seamless and transparent financial transactions in the industry. 

What sets Exigo apart is its commitment to customization. Recognizing that no two businesses are the same, Exigo offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing companies to mold the platform to their unique operational needs. The platform’s distributor back-office templates offer the client the ability to own their code, and customize however they want. 

Coupled with cutting-edge analytics, Exigo becomes more than just software; it’s a strategic partner that guides businesses towards informed, data-driven decisions, setting the stage for growth and scalability.


InfoTrax stands as a testament to the power of tailored software solutions. With its innovative FlexCloud and Evo Engage systems, InfoTrax addresses the specific challenges faced by direct selling businesses. FlexCloud offers an adaptable and scalable infrastructure, ensuring that businesses are never hamstrung by technological limitations as they grow. Evo Engage, on the other hand, transforms the way distributors interact with data and tools, offering real-time insights that are crucial for on-the-ground decision-making.

By providing distributors with personalized reporting and engagement tools, InfoTrax facilitates effective communication and collaboration, making every member of the team a key player in the business’s success story.


MindsMLM brings a fresh perspective to direct sales software with its gamified platform, turning everyday tasks into engaging challenges that boost distributor engagement and performance. This innovative approach is complemented by a suite of comprehensive sales management tools, ensuring that businesses have everything they need to manage products, orders, and promotions effectively.

MindsMLM’s commitment to innovation doesn’t stop at gamification. The platform also offers a real-time commission calculation system and a mobile app for management on the go, supporting a range of MLM plans from Binary to Matrix. While integration with third-party applications presents some hurdles, MindsMLM’s dedication to a user-friendly experience and robust marketing tools makes it a formidable player in the EMEA and APAC regions, with ambitious plans for North American expansion.

Trinity Software

Trinity Software’s flagship products, Igniteâ„¢ and Firestorm®, are cornerstones in the MLM and party plan software space. What sets Trinity apart is its highly configurable nature, offering tailored solutions that range from simple affiliate programs to complex MLM structures and party plans. This adaptability is further enhanced by seamless integration capabilities, particularly with Shopify, enriching e-commerce functionalities and providing businesses with a competitive edge.

With a focus on efficiency, user-friendly interfaces, and a commitment to innovation, Trinity supports businesses in their quest for growth, backed by a promise of transparency and no hidden fees.

ByDesign Technologies

As a key component of the Retail Success company, ByDesign Technologies brings over two decades of experience to the table, offering a platform renowned for its flexibility and capability to support global business expansion. ByDesign can be a catalyst for growth, providing companies with the tools needed to enhance salesforce productivity, streamline commission management, and facilitate effortless onboarding and recruiting.

ByDesign’s platform accommodates a wide array of business models and strategies. With its powerful promotions engine and multi-channel eCommerce capabilities, it ensures that businesses can scale without boundaries. The recent accolade of the DSA Partnership Award is a testament to ByDesign’s impact, innovation, and commitment to client success.


Jenkon has set the benchmark for direct selling software for over 40 years, with its innovative JoT (Jenkon of Things) ecosystem leading the charge in digital commerce enhancement. This comprehensive platform connects personalized websites to a complete e-commerce experience, powering sales forces across the globe.

Jenkon’s offerings include features like executive dashboards, analytics, and real-time data intelligence, all designed to boost visibility, productivity, and revenue. The JoTLive Shopping feature, in particular, offers an immersive shopping experience, allowing for dynamic corporate or field-led presentations. Jenkon’s commitment to technology and client success is unwavering, grounded in values of integrity, collaboration, and trust.

Thatcher Group

Since 1999, Thatcher Technology Group has been a player in the direct selling, party plan, and MLM software industries. Their Prowess suite focusses on scalability, configurability, and power, offering cloud-based solutions that optimize sales force productivity and organizational efficiency.

Prowess supports a wide array of business needs, from genealogy and compensation management to lead and promotions management, ensuring that businesses can navigate the complexities of sales activities while empowering their sales force. 

Flight Commerce

Established in 2001, Flight Commerce has distinguished itself with its all-in-one software solution, characterized by a transparent pricing model and a comprehensive suite of tools created for direct selling and influencer marketing. This platform is designed with first-class services in mind, focusing on global capabilities and providing priority onboarding support.

Flight Commerce is constantly updating its technology to stay ahead of market trends and future opportunities. 


MarketPowerPRO stands out for its dedication to optimizing the shopping experience, featuring replicable distributor websites and comprehensive genealogy reporting. Its interface is designed to be visually appealing and user-friendly, although administrators might face a steep learning curve and occasional glitches.

Future Trends in Direct Sales Software

The direct sales software landscape is on the cusp of a revolution, with AI and data analytics poised to redefine what’s possible. The future points towards platforms that are not just comprehensive but deeply personalized, catering to the unique needs and aspirations of every distributor.

Ubiquitous access and responsiveness, whether on mobile or web, have become the standard. According to, a whopping 71% of people insist on getting product support and customer service right at their fingertips through their smartphones.

Want to learn more about the biggest software trends in the industry, check out our blog on Navigating the Future

Choosing the Right Direct Sales Software

Selecting the right direct sales software is a critical decision for companies. The ideal software should offer scalability, an exceptional user experience, and robust customer support, aligning with the company’s strategic goals and empowering distributors to reach their full potential.

Many MLM and Direct Sales companies are integrating e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce to enhance the shopping experience on their websites. View the pros and cons of each. 


As the direct sales industry continues to evolve, the role of innovative software solutions cannot be overstated. The right technology can transform the distributor experience, driving performance, engagement, and growth. As we look towards the future, the adoption of advanced direct sales software will be a key determinant in the success of direct selling companies and their distributors.To learn more about how Think Box has customized CRMs visit our Case Studies.