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Social media equips direct selling companies with a robust set of tools to reach consumers and increase sales. The online world is empowering a new generation of direct sales businesses and home-based entrepreneurs. The problem is: most of them have yet to figure out how to optimize their online presence and drive growth.

How to use social media to accelerate business growth for direct selling companies.

Choose the Right Social Media Channels for Direct Selling Companies

If you are a part of a direct selling company, you should maintain an online presence using the most appropriate social networking platforms. These are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each of these platforms has a different audience. They also serve different purposes. 

Instagram, for example, is mostly visual. It’s an excellent platform to showcase your product. On the other hand, Facebook is the largest social media network by far. If you want to reach a wider audience, it’s where you should advertise and start creating content that can help your current distributors and your future clients. Twitter makes it easy for you to engage with audiences in real-time, while LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to learn from, and forge authentic relationships with colleagues in similar industries.

Create Amazing Content

The success of any social media platform depends largely on the content created. If your connections don’t see value in your posts, you won’t get them to convert. But what makes content irresistible?

Good content must be relevant and valuable to your prospects. The more engaging the content, the more opportunities you have to convert a prospect to fan, to customer to distributor.  

Don’t post content just to post something. Post content that can help people reach their goals. How do you know if your content is worthy of publishing? Ask yourself this question, would someone’s life be impacted if they read this blog post/article/short post?

If the answer is yes, then publish it. 

Be Genuine

Much like how you build personal connections offline, show authenticity online to engage with prospects. 

If you want your audience to know that your efforts are genuine, simply engage with them online. Responding to comments on your posts is one of the easiest ways to show your authenticity. Thanking people for reviews, even if they aren’t positive, is another. 

Hire an Excellent Team

Seek help when you need it. A social media manager knows how to harness each networks’ power to drive growth.

Hire good people to run your social media strategy. If you want to grow, you’ll need people who can deliver top-notch content on the best possible time and day.

Hiring a good social media team that understand direct selling and social media can create a tremendous impact on your social media campaigns. 

Promote Your Content

Most businesses don’t take advantage of paid ads to save money. The reality is that you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities when you don’t take advantage of paid promotions. 

If you want to reach people, don’t be afraid to spend $$$ on ads to boost your content. By running paid ads on your social media channels, you can reach a wider audience that you can target to maximize your budget. Most of the businesses want to go viral but if you set a budget to invest in ads, you can get even better results because you are buying the right type of customer. 

Using social media for direct selling companies doesn’t mean that you have to leave your in-personal sales practices. As a matter of fact, your online efforts can complement your offline activities. So, create a sound content strategy and use it to amplify your offline efforts.