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There’s a great deal to be said for leveraging the earliest elements of an emerging technology, and using AI as a catalyst for creating a forward-looking strategy is no different. Staying ahead often means leveraging the latest technologies to gain what many might call an “unfair advantage.” This term isn’t about unethical practices but about using innovation to create opportunities that weren’t possible before. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest wave in this ongoing technological evolution, reminiscent of past revolutions like the internet, social media, and the advent of search engines and SEO. Businesses that seize AI’s potential early can position themselves leaps ahead of competitors, much like the pioneers of previous tech waves.

Historical Technological Innovations

When the internet began to be accessible to the masses in the ’90s, it changed business forever. Early adopters realized they could reach a global market and run a sole proprietorship on a scale the world had never seen. When social media platforms began to pop up in the 2000s, businesses again evolved… they could, for the first time, have real conversations with their audience. SEO and search engine marketing followed, and where your website ranked became the difference between business and bust. The message was consistent: Move early, and move big, or don’t move at all.

AI: The New Frontier

Today, that next tech frontier is AI. Whether it’s automating the mundane, providing insight into consumer behavior or making your operations more efficient, AI is changing the way we do business. Getting in on the ground floor means creating speed, efficiency and insight into your business and for your customers — creating the optimized running environment for tomorrow.

AI as an Unfair Advantage

Much like the internet and social media before it, AI offers businesses the opportunity to leapfrog ahead of their competitors. AI-driven analytics can reveal market trends and consumer preferences to an unprecedented degree, helping guide strategic decisions that dovetail closely with the fickle whims of the market. Meanwhile, AI-powered automation can cut operational costs dramatically, while improving efficiency and service delivery to boot — ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Cost of Hesitation

History has shown that hesitating to adopt new technologies can be detrimental. Just ask Blockbuster, which collapsed in the wake of the digital streaming revolution that its executives hesitated to believe in. In the context of AI, companies will see those that hesitate fall swiftly and unceremoniously behind — how long will it take before the sense of urgency tips over into widespread alarm as it becomes clear that your competitors are innovating, streamlining, and captivating in ways that simply can’t be done without AI?

Future of AI in Business

Despite the buzz, AI isn’t necessarily about adopting brand new technologies. It’s about creating a culture of continuous learning and adaptation. As the technology matures, so do the strategies businesses use to leverage it. Being informed and nimble in response to AI breakthroughs will be the key to taking full advantage of everything these advancements have to offer.

The implications of operating without AI in today’s business landscape can’t be overstated.

Put simply, like the internet, social media, or SEO in their respective times, AI represents a definitive sea change. Beyond just an “unfair advantage”, businesses able to successfully integrate AI will revolutionize standards in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and innovation at large.

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Begin your AI journey with ThinkBox, and realize your business’ potential in practice. Act now — and pioneer the future.