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If you’re looking to get distributors for your direct selling company, here are some pointers that can help you win their trust.

Run an online campaign exclusively for distributors

Most business owners direct their online marketing efforts to get new prospective customers to try out their products. Although this is an excellent idea, you need to give equal emphasis to prospective distributors that might help you with product distribution. 

Divide your online marketing efforts equally to getting new customers and potential distributors. Utilize your social media pages with content dedicated to enticing distributors. You might also consider running a set of Facebook and Instagram ads to introduce your product and company to them. 

Consider hiring a head of sales

Sales is an important aspect in business. If you have a startup, you’re probably hands-on with creating sales strategies and plans. But as your business gets bigger, you need the expertise of professionals to help you create a strong foundation for your business and prepare it for expansion. A competent director of sales will be able to help you craft an effective selling strategy and handle in-depth sales concerns in a timely fashion. This would give business owners more time to develop new products and focus on other aspects of the company.

Slash your membership fee to a minimum (twice per year)

Most business owners charge potential distributors a fee for membership purposes. It also allows them to have access to the marketing collaterals of the company. However, this scheme might scare off prospective distributors from pursuing a partnership due to the unreasonable charges that come with it. If this is the case, try lowering the membership fee to a minimum. Offering a one dollar membership fee account will encourage interested merchants to try out your products and offer them to their own audience. 

Host an open house and get-togethers

Offering your products online and telling your company’s core values give the audience just a glimpse of what you can offer. There’s still a wall of distrust that separates you from these potential distributors. You need to break this wall by personally showing them what your products can do.

Doing open houses, product launches, and get-togethers will allow you to tell your company’s story and introduce your product face-to-face. This will also open opportunities for current distributors to recruit new members in exchange for a reward or extended privileges. As a result, you gain more contacts, widen your sales funnel, and create an avenue where you can present your products. 

Create an online village

Organizing monthly get-togethers is just one way for you to connect with potential traders and bond with current ones. You can invite new partners and reactivate old distributors by keeping them in the loop at all times. You can do this by creating an online community where members can interact with each other and share pointers to increase their sale outputs. It can also be a venue for you to make unified announcements and create exciting contests that can boost your distribution output.

Expand your channel dealers by giving out incentives

Referrals from employees can be used to amp up your product’s sales performance. By providing bonuses and incentives to employees who can connect with prospective dealers, you’re opening multiple sales and distribution channels, and also motivating your sales teams to do better at pushing your products in the market. 

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