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After coming out with a product, first-time entrepreneurs and direct selling companies often find that conceptualization and product development aren’t the hardest part of the business. It is actually finding people who are willing to buy and sell the product. The answer to this dilemma is to secure distributors. The next question is: how can you get distributors for your direct selling company?

Make Sure Your Product and Strategy Are Market-Ready

Building a presence is your initial responsibility. With the lower cost of digital real estate, you can hire a staff that will help you create a presence and boost brand awareness by running ads, establishing a website, and managing your social media accounts. Ads are the fastest way to get to as many people you are targeting as possible without leaving the office. Once these ads have caught the attention of interested parties, these prospects will start looking for information.

Create a website that is user-friendly, engaging, and attractive. Make sure it has a page dedicated to the benefits of joining as a distributor.

The staff can prepare onboarding materials and seminars for prospective distributors. They can also provide interested parties with physical and digital marketing materials.

Make the Offer Attractive

The first question a potential distributor will ask is “What’s in it for me?” Distributors will be arranging their own space for your products and may even recruit their own sales representatives. It is important for them to know that their administrative costs will bring in sales and that any program you plan on implementing will drive sales for them.

Set a reasonable margin and scalable compensation plan so that distributors will be encouraged to move products in bigger volumes. Promote recruitment as an activity that can be compensated handsomely. This way, distributors can also help you grow while helping themselves achieve more in sales volume. You may also consider hiring a director of sales who will work with distributors and help them grow their business.

Focus on Real Customers

While you may initially sell to distributors, do not get too comfortable. You cannot establish an empire this way.

  • Real customers will help you grow your company.
  • Real customers can refer you more customers.
  • Real customers buy more often.
  • Real customers are loyal.
  • Real customers can become distributors.
  • Show Your Distributors How To Get Referrals

Referrals are the lifeline of this business. Securing referrals from clients and distributors means you have earned their trust and that they have the confidence to introduce you to their network and vice versa. With referrals and introductions, you will succeed in getting a foot in the door of people you otherwise would not have met. Even if your initial meeting results in a “no” from them, never stop asking for more names and introductions.

If you have enough capital, you may even look for smaller companies that are doing well or carrying competing products. You may want to look at procuring these companies to get access to their own network and to expand your business, but that’s another story we will share on another time.

How to get distributors for your direct selling company part 2.