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Whether you have 10 years in the business or just launched your new direct selling company, you need to create sales materials for all your distributors. 

Here’s why?

Distributors need the material to promote the business, products and services. 

Distributors need the materials to educate themselves about the business, products and services. 

You might already know that, but keep reading…

Here’s One Challenge All Direct Selling Companies Face Every Single Day

Distributors create marketing materials on their own. 

They come up with their own interpretation of the business opportunity and products, and more than likely making claims that can put your company in trouble.  

Your product label might say: This product supports weight loss and maintains healthy blood sugar levels. 

Your distributors might say: This product helps lower diabetes. 

Although we’re not lawyers, just the word diabetes can make a regulatory agency turn all the attention to your company and believe us, they will notice and the letters and phone calls will start arriving at your Headquarters. 

Your presentation might say: Generate an extra income while working a full-time job. 

Your distributors might say: Become a millionaire in one year or less. 

Those claims can put your company in trouble even if they’re just Independent Representatives of your company. 

What do we suggest?

Provide marketing materials on a consistent basis. 

You can have your fundamental marketing materials and your seasonal materials.

What Type of Marketing Materials Do We Recommend?

For a new direct selling company:

  • Business Presentation
  • Getting Started Guide (short and sweet)
  • Compensation plan full 
  • Compensation plan overview
  • Catalog about your product or service
  • Postcards about the business opportunity and the product
  • Product points flyer

Business Presentation

This piece can guide a new distributors on how to present the opportunity to a possible new member. 

It can touch the most important points about who the company is, who’s behind it, the industry, the opportunity and the close. A critical piece to have consistent messaging across all distributors and possible distributors.  

Getting Started Guide (short and sweet)

We recommend using a gamification concept for direct selling companies, if possible. Use an app where you can onboard new members in a scalable format, in case you want to leave technology for last, having a getting started guide can help you give new members the welcome of the company plus the next steps they have to take in order to continue leveling up. 

Please, avoid creating a 60-page manual. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm a new distributor dumping him a ton of information in a short amount of time. A quick and to the point guide can make a great impact.  

Compensation plan full

If they understand the compensation plan there’s more opportunities for them to maximize it. Your full compensation plan should contain images and a detailed explanation of each way to earn the bonuses with your company. 

Compensation plan overview 

A condensed compensation plan works wonders for when a distributor has to show how your company compensates distributors. This document should be around 1-2 pages long. If you can display it in one page, wonderful – they will love you for this. Most distributors use this type of material when presenting the company in a cafe or in one to one presentation.

Catalog about your  product or service

This material should include product images, product descriptions anything that cover the most frequently asked questions about your product and service. 

This is one of the most giveaway pieces, so make sure it has a blank space where distributors can add their own information for people to contact them. 

Postcards about the business opportunity and the product

Yes, you need both. They should short and sweet too. Easy to capture the attention of the people reading it and leaving an opening so they ask for more information.  

Product points flyer

Do you want to keep getting calls and emails asking about how many points this product has? 

Well, you need to create a piece that contains the product image, how many points gives as commissionable volume, group volume, the price for retail and wholesale. You’ll see how many people will be enchanted by this, especially the customer support team. 

If you are a seasoned direct selling company you might need a company magazine, additional literature and if you don’t have it, please contact us, we can make a custom suggestion. 

Why do you need all these different pieces?

One, you are fulfilling a need. If you provide good quality content they won’t be creating marketing pieces on their own. 

Two, it gives your distributors more arsenal tools to grow their business. When done correctly it takes about  7-11 touches to sign up a new distributor or customer. You want your distributor to complete those touches in the short amount of time possible. Every new piece becomes a new “excuse” to follow up with current leads, if you think about, every new marketing pieces closes the gap. 

Three, it’s the right thing to do. As a company, you have to be creating the necessary tools for them to build a solid business. 

If you are a direct selling company, new or seasoned and you would like us to audit your current marketing materials, let us know, and we’ll be more than happy to do it.