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Exigo + Think Box Partnership



Brian Palmer, CEO of ThinkboxHQ, has had an intriguing journey when it comes to

technology for direct selling. The unique business model, underpinned by the

expert leadership of Palmer, has seen the company catapult to the forefront of

innovative technology services, empowering direct selling organizations to thrive.

At the core of their success story are two interconnected narratives: one tracing

Palmer’s time at Seint migrating platforms to Exigo, the other about ThinkboxHQ

flourishing as a third-party services company and its ingenious customizations for

clients on the Exigo platform.



As a seasoned veteran in the tech industry, with a rich professional history at Cisco

Systems, Palmer has an acute understanding of the software arena. However, it

wasn’t until 2012 as the founder and CEO of South Hill Designs, that he dipped his

toes into the world of direct selling, finding himself immersed in a niche that

required a specialized tech solution. It was here that he first encountered Exigo. “In

evaluating the software options, we looked at it from a developer and technologist

perspective,” said Palmer, describing his initial exploration of direct selling technology



Years later, as President of Seint, Palmer harnessed the power of Exigo, moving the

company from another platform onto Exigo, establishing his confidence in the

system. “Exigo stood alone as the only one that we could find that had a completely

open API architecture that would give us the flexibility and capability to build what

we wanted to when we wanted to,” Palmer said. His experience of migrating from a

competitor to Exigo offered valuable insights for his next venture.



ThinkboxHQ is a dynamic services company that develops customizations and

integrations for direct selling clients. This flexible approach allows them to adapt

their work to fit the unique needs of each client, leveraging the full potential of

Exigo’s API and comprehensive database, making Exigo a cut above the rest.

The company’s breadth of experience developing on the Exigo platform, coupled

with their deep understanding of direct selling, allows them to bridge the gap for

their clients between the complexities of technology and the demands of

business. They’re able to translate technological jargon into actionable business

strategies, provide web development, and tackle some tasks many developers

prefer not to take on.


Additionally, the extensive knowledge Palmer’s team gains from their diverse client

base enables ThinkboxHQ to bring fresh insights to each new project, fostering an

environment of constant learning and growth. For Palmer, the level of control,

extensibility, and flexibility Exigo offers is unparalleled in the industry. “It’s not just

about exposing API access or database access; it’s about a commitment to an

ecosystem and partners that bring other perspectives, technologies, and offerings

to integrate into the system” Palmer said. “There’s nothing that I’ve ever found that

I wanted to do, or a client wanted to do that couldn’t be done on Exigo.”



Palmer’s continued partnership with Exigo is firmly rooted in his past experiences

with the platform. The freedom to customize and modernize the shopping experience,

the ability to create intricate data dashboards, and the assurance of many

options to accommodate diverse business strategies – all these features converge

to make Exigo a superlative choice for ThinkboxHQ and their clients.


Brian Palmer’s journey, both at Seint and as CEO of ThinkboxHQ, showcases the

transformative power of the right technology platform. Emphasizing the significance

of having an open and adaptable solution, he brings to light the strengths of

Exigo and the positive impact it has had on the success of ThinkboxHQ and their

clients. On the adaptability and flexibility of Exigo, Palmer concludes, “There are so

many options out there for you, and it’s really about business strategy. With Exigo, a

company can pick what fits them based on their current and future strategies, and

Exigo will help them get there.”

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