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The Smart Launch


We have launched 20+ direct selling companies and know what works!

Website & Social Media

Do you have a high quality website and social media presence?

Content for Direct
Selling Companies

Launching a company is the first step but what happens after? What’s your content strategy for the long term?

Brand & Strategy Design

Your mission, your products, your services. 

Crafting a powerful story in direct selling is critical to your success. Your distributors will repeat your story over and over again, as it becomes woven into their story.

Marketing, product design and videos are all necessary elements.

Website Design & Development

As a direct selling company there are 5 core pages that your website shouldn’t be without. 

When we design your website we make it easy for you, so the approval process goes smoother.

We create a design based on the demographics you want to attract.

Our web designers will create a unique website that is tailored to your product, that will not only look beautiful on desktop, but on mobile too.

Social Media Management

Social media is everywhere. It’s unavoidable, it’s powerful and it’s here to stay.

Over 70% of consumers that have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family. While we are sure you can write your own posts, doing it in a way that fully engages customers and distributors takes years of experience.

Our team of social media experts take you to the next level and ensure no opportunity  is missed.

Content for Direct Selling Companies

Launching a company is the first step, but what happens after? You’re going to need an

ongoing content strategy that continues to tell your story. We create unique content that

directly targets distributors and customers to move to action through weekly blog articles,

videos and giveaways and much more. Let us handle all your content needs.

Compensation Plan Testing

Many new direct selling companies are unaware of the importance of testing and validating the compensation plan. This should be done before the launch if possible. We verify the commision levels are working properly, to make sure you avoid overpaying and underpaying your distributors.

We follow a strict testing and review process to make sure your compensation plan works as you designed it.

Technology Support for Direct Selling Companies

Even though it might look the same, direct selling is different than a regular E-commerce store.

The technology, the shopping cart, the tax software, are all different. Our team has helped launched over 20+ direct selling companies and we know what to do before, during and after the launch to maximize your ROI. Yes, you can do all of this on your own, but training your team for each specific task and technology platform will be more expensive and time consuming than hiring someone who uses that tech every single day.

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