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The Smart Launch System

We have launched 20+ direct selling companies and know what works!

Lead Generation Systems

  • 3-part Selling System
  • Quizzing
  • Sampling

WordPress plugin for Exigo

  • Moves, adds and changes become seamless
  • Opens up a world of additional WordPress tools

The Smart Launch System

Don’t go at it alone, launch your direct selling company with the best tech experts in the industry.

We will project manage your entire launch and integrate all your loose ends

3-part Selling Systems

We create a YOU-part selling system that is tailored
to your business. Use targeted quizzing, sampling and
customer referral programs to create repeatable
success with your sales team.

WordPress Plugin for Exigo

Ever wondered what it would be like to manage your Exigo shopping cart environment in WordPress?

Wonder no more …Try it today!

Compensation Plan Testing

Many new direct selling companies are unaware of the importance of testing and validating the compensation plan. This should be done before the launch if possible. We verify the commision levels are working properly, to make sure you avoid overpaying and underpaying your distributors.

We follow a strict testing and review process to make sure your compensation plan works as you designed it.

Technology Support for Direct Selling Companies

Even though it might look the same, direct selling is different than a regular E-commerce store.

The technology, the shopping cart, the tax software, are all different. Our team has helped launched over 20+ direct selling companies and we know what to do before, during and after the launch to maximize your ROI. Yes, you can do all of this on your own, but training your team for each specific task and technology platform will be more expensive and time consuming than hiring someone who uses that tech every single day.

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